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The Friendly Supper Club
In 1982, a racial incident sparked another division between the white and black communities in Montgomery, Alabama. An anonymous "hero" who called himself or herself "Jack Smith" sent letters to residents of Montgomery proposing the creation of something called The Friendly Supper Club.

The idea was that people would meet for supper one night a month. The only requirement for membership was that a white person bring a black person and a black person bring a white person. It was designed as an opportunity for people to get to know people as people.

It worked.

Since 1982, The Friendly Supper Club has been meeting the first Monday night of every month. Friendships have been born. Understanding has been achieved. Tolerance has grown. Learn how you can start a Friendly Supper Club in your town. Documentary features Mrs. Johnnie Carr, a prominent participant of the Civil Rights movement.

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